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349 Euro
TVA si instalare inlcuse
(pentru clientii din Bucuresti/Ilfov)

Better security for a safer home
The future is now!
Make your home a better place with the new technologies. SMART LOCKS!

Forget about your keys, the only things you will need to entry the door is your fingertip and your memory. That easy! There are 3 digital ways to lock the door, such as fingerprint, password and smart card door lock. All these locks have the mechanical key which is design for the emergency access. 

Control guaranteed!
The whole intelligent system operates with an application that provides you the ways to open the door from distance. As well you can set an unique code that can be used only in the days and hours set by its holder. The application keeps track of all of your entries with the indication of time.

High level security assured!
SMART LOCK sends alerts for the different events it monitors and some other critical events related to the status of the device. If anyone tries to force your door the alarm will start and you will be directly notified on your phone and it will immediately take a picture.

Syscam smart lock is build for easier, safer and happier life!